Moravian Aerospace Cluster


15.05.17 AERTEC Solutions - vendor advisor for the Royal Commission restructuring of Jubail Airport in Saudi Arabia

AERTEC Solutions will be the vendor advisor for the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

12.05.17 EACP Birthday - celebrating 8 years of connecting aerospace clusters

The EACP network is celebrating its 8th birthday these days. Although it is not such a mil


Petr Tomášek
Na Záhonech 1177
686 04 Kunovice
Czech Republic

Ph +420 736 652 292


Moravian Aerospace Cluster

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 14
Number of employees xxx
Number of research institutes 2
Other cluster members x

Cluster Management

Organizational form  
Financing 100% privately funded, of which 50% SMEs & 50% large companies

Main Actors

Main industry actors
  • Aircraft Industries; Evektor; Hoffmann; MESIT Holding; PBS Velká Bíteš
  • Main research institutes
  • Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Brno; Faculty of Technology, Zlín
  • Cluster Competences and Strategy

    • Focus on aerospace cooperation and business
    • Membership Stimulation through: periodical Meetings; conferences for members; provision of strategic Information
    • Main strategic Goals/Targets: Innovation, Education, Joint Marketing and Propagation, Networking, Research and Development

    Strengths & Competences

      Technological focus in the region is divided into 3 fields:
    • 1. Machining and light industry
    • 2. Plastic materials
    • 3. IT

    Science & Research

    Current research priorities: systematic research of composite materials supported by The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), research of aerodynamic optimization methods and active current control supported by the Ministry of Education and Volkswagen A.G., research in qualification tests of space equipment for ESA Mars exploration. Also, we constantly expand areas in in-flight measurements using UAV’s for photogrammetry, development of ballistic recovery systems for UAV’s and various human operated aircraft. We are developing methods of measuring dynamic and static effects in the Institute of Aerospace Engineering test-room with focus on composite structures.

    International Collaboration

    Member of the EACP.

    Main Challenges

    To improve Information Exchange and dialogue between members.