Normandie AeroEspace


19.04.17 AERTEC Solutions will supervise the implementation of the new Airport Inforatmion System at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima


Lima Airport Partners (LAP), the operator of Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima,

11.04.17 AIX in Hamburg and Aéromart Montréal

EACP members were globally active as the Aéromart Montréal and Aircraft interiors Expo (A


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Normandie AeroEspace

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 92
Number of employees Over 18000
Number of research institutes 25
Other cluster members 20

Cluster Management

Organizational form non profit organization
Financing 60% by public institutions, 40% by enterprises

Main Actors

Main research institutes  

Cluster Competences and Strategy

NAE has 4 strategic axes :

Employment & Training

  • Providing regional training courses tailored to members’ needs through our Schools
  • Anticipating needs through strategic workforce planning
  • Assisting members with hiring

Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI)

  • Participating actively in research in order to keep one step ahead
  • Preparing future technologies in cutting-edge Areas

  • Facilitating a network of Partners
  • Supporting innovative Projects

Business & Performance

  • Fostering the development of Normandy’s aerospace companies
  • Meeting the needs of the aerospace clients by providing performance, quality, proximity and international Dimension


  • Boosting the recognition and attractiveness of the cluster regionally, with a national and international Dimension
  • Directing promotional activities at economic stakeholders, young people and talented professionals

Strengths & Competences

Main technological subjects which are worked on within Normandy Aerospace are the following:

  • Materials
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Transversal technological subjects

Science & Research

International Collaboration

International development oft he aerospace companies is one of the major objectives of NAE. For 3 years Normandy Aerospace has launched an „Export Club“ to help companies developping the international activities. They share numerous information (against a confidentiality agreement) such as their plants abroad, their agents, their customers, their experience, etc… Normandy Aerospace works each year on 3 to 4 priority countries defined by the members.

Normandy Aerospace is also very active in International Fairs or Conventions : Paris Air Show, Farnborough (where we will be 12 exhibitors in 2016), Aeromart Toulouse and Montreal, Eurosatory, etc… The only NAE SMEs have increased their export turnover by 14% for 3 years, gathering 163 M€ turnover (this figure does not include big groups of course), and the number of acquisitions or international plant buildings keeps growing.

Main Challenges

Main challenges in the axis “Business & Performance”:

  • Help our members to develop their international activity
  • Finalize and succeed in the action “Industrial Performance”
  • Go on boosting the business development of our SMEs.

Main challenges in terms of Research and Innovation:

  • Collaborate with a European network
  • Continue to strengthen our local and national network with R&T players
  • Reinforce our roadmap on some key technical subjects