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05.10.17 CATEC develops a pioneering aerial contact technology by using drones

A drone designed by the Center for Advanced Aerospace technologies (CATEC) performs very a

07.09.17 AERTEC - International Airport Congress

AERTEC Solutions is organizing an International Airport Congress in Malaga which will brin


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Normandie AeroEspace

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 92
Number of employees Over 18000
Number of research institutes 25
Other cluster members 20

Cluster Management

Organizational form non profit organization
Financing 60% by public institutions, 40% by enterprises

Main Actors

Main research institutes  

Cluster Competences and Strategy

NAE has 4 strategic axes :

Employment & Training

  • Providing regional training courses tailored to members’ needs through our Schools
  • Anticipating needs through strategic workforce planning
  • Assisting members with hiring

Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI)

  • Participating actively in research in order to keep one step ahead
  • Preparing future technologies in cutting-edge Areas

  • Facilitating a network of Partners
  • Supporting innovative Projects

Business & Performance

  • Fostering the development of Normandy’s aerospace companies
  • Meeting the needs of the aerospace clients by providing performance, quality, proximity and international Dimension


  • Boosting the recognition and attractiveness of the cluster regionally, with a national and international Dimension
  • Directing promotional activities at economic stakeholders, young people and talented professionals

Strengths & Competences

Main technological subjects which are worked on within Normandy Aerospace are the following:

  • Materials
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Transversal technological subjects

Science & Research

International Collaboration

International development oft he aerospace companies is one of the major objectives of NAE. For 3 years Normandy Aerospace has launched an „Export Club“ to help companies developping the international activities. They share numerous information (against a confidentiality agreement) such as their plants abroad, their agents, their customers, their experience, etc… Normandy Aerospace works each year on 3 to 4 priority countries defined by the members.

Normandy Aerospace is also very active in International Fairs or Conventions : Paris Air Show, Farnborough (where we will be 12 exhibitors in 2016), Aeromart Toulouse and Montreal, Eurosatory, etc… The only NAE SMEs have increased their export turnover by 14% for 3 years, gathering 163 M€ turnover (this figure does not include big groups of course), and the number of acquisitions or international plant buildings keeps growing.

Main Challenges

Main challenges in the axis “Business & Performance”:

  • Help our members to develop their international activity
  • Finalize and succeed in the action “Industrial Performance”
  • Go on boosting the business development of our SMEs.

Main challenges in terms of Research and Innovation:

  • Collaborate with a European network
  • Continue to strengthen our local and national network with R&T players
  • Reinforce our roadmap on some key technical subjects