12.05.17 EACP Birthday - celebrating 8 years of connecting aerospace clusters

The EACP network is celebrating its 8th birthday these days. Although it is not such a mil

19.04.17 AERTEC Solutions - implementation new Airport Inforatmion System Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima

AERTEC Solutions will supervise the implementation of the new Airport Inforatmion System a

Our Partners

European Cluster Alliance
PRO INNO Europe: INNO-Nets
ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg (ZAB)


10.12.15 Collaboration between Hélice and Aéro Montreal

HÉLICE and Québec’s aerospace cluster, Aéro Montreal, will collaborate to promote the development of joint Projects.

07.12.15 New EACP Member: OPIAR

OPIAR - Association of Romanian Aeronautical Companies

04.12.15 CATEC participates in an international R&D project on smart windows to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption in aircraft

• The Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) participates in the European project IN LIGHT under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, which aims to develop windows capable of changing its degree...

04.12.15 EACP Project “Reaching Up to Excellence in Aerospace Cluster Management” (RUE AERO)

The European Commission has approved yet another prestigious EACP project called “RUE AERO” (Reaching Up to Excellence in Aerospace Cluster Management) as part of its Cluster Excellence Programme. The project kick-off date is set...

30.11.15 New EACP project HiP Air: High Performance Work Practices for Competitive SMEs in the Aviation Sector

The EACP is happy to introduce a new project funded by the EU’s ERASMUS+ programme called “HiP Air” (High Performance Work Practices for Competitive SMEs in the Aviation Sector). The project is set to run for 24 months from...

12.11.15 Facts and Figures on the "go-cluster" programme

The “go-cluster” programme

05.11.15 EACP Goes Abroad

The EACP is happy to announce the approval of its ABROAD project (Activities and Business from Real Opportunities for Aerospace Developments), which has originated from the EACP's working group Internationalization and...

05.11.15 ACS to Influence Swedish Strategy for Aerospace

The Aerospace Cluster Sweden, along with other important national Players, has been invited to discuss a Swedish Strategy for Aviation by the Swedish government. The meeting took place on Tuesday Oct 27 and is the first step in...

02.10.15 EACP General Assembly in Hamburg

From September 23-24 the representatives of the Aerospace Clusters got together for this year’s General Assembly of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) in Hamburg. The EACP offers a platform for cluster managers to...

02.10.15 EACP's newest members

Here at the EACP we are genuinely excited about the constant influx of membership applications since this signals just how well reputed and strong the EACP has become internationally. We are proud to announce that we have...

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