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13.11.17 Company Mission to Seattle in occasion of PNAA's 17th Annual Aerospace Conference

Join Niedersachsen Aviation for a European company mission to the world's largest aerospac

13.11.17 First Brazilian Aerospace Business Summit in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) will


CCI Rhône-Alpes
Pd. D. Frédéric Antras
32 quai Perrache, CS 10015
69286 Lyon Cedex 02

Ph   + 33 4 721 143 63 / 43 31
Fax  + 33 4 721 143 23


Aerospace Cluster Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 350
Number of employees 30,000
Number of research institutes 12
Other cluster members Training centres, Airports, technology platforms, public organisations

Cluster Management

Organizational form non profit association
Financing Resources for cluster management: member fees (30%), regional public funding (54%), regional Chamber of Commerce (18%)

Main Actors

Main industry actors Materials and Structure: Aubert&Duval, Constellium, Duqueine Group, Groupe Auvergne Aéronautique, Hexcel, KaliStrut Aerospace, Michelin, Nief Plastics Group, Rexiaa Group, Safran Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, SunAero, Timet Savoie, Vision Systems Aeronautics Systems and Equipment: Adetel Group, Air Liquide DTA, Amphenol Socapex, Crouzet Automatismes, Dassault Aviation, Eldec France - Crane Aerospace, Meggitt-Sensorex, NSE, NTN-SNR, Radiall, Safran LPS, Safran Sagem, SKF Aerospace, Thales Avionics, Zodiac Aerotechnics), Vision Systems Aeronautics
  MRO: Aerotec Group, AIA Clermont-Ferannd, Enhanced Aero, Groupe Auvergne Aéronautique, Hop Regional !, NSE, REXIAA Group Manufacturers: Issoire Aviation, SurveyCopter
Main research institutes Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, INP Grenoble, Insa de Lyon, Sigma Clermont-Ferrand  

Cluster Competences and Strategy

Strengths & Competences

  • System design: fuel circulation and inerting systems -
    navigation systems - gas generating systems

  • Embedded equipments: avionics, computers, power supply, sensors – connectors, monitoring systems, Softwares -
    connectors, monitoring systems, softwares

  • Materials & structures: advanced materials (composites, alloys), Composites and metallic aerostructures, carbon / carbon brakes, molds, tools, ovens, autoclaves

  • Components and sub-assemblies: composites and thermoplastics, mechanical parts, process equipments, tools

  • Interiors products: cockpit door module, IFEC, roller blinds, sunvisors, roller shades, seats and cabin furnitures, seats fabrics, floor covering

  • Military and civil aircrafts and helicopters MRO

  • Basic school, advanced training, travel, basic aerobatic aircrafts construction

Science & Research

  • PHARE Platform: platform rotating machines for the control
    of environmental risks
  • CEM Aero Platform: platform dedicated to EMC phenomenons study

International Collaboration

  • Cooperation with GITAS, Aero Montréal and BBAA

  • Affiliated Partner of ABROAD consortium with EACP

Main Challenges

Aerospace Cluster Rhône-Alpes_Auvergne identified main challenges to contribute to aerospace activity growth within the region:

  • To support international development of SMEs
  • To foster supply-chain performance improvement
  • To bolster collaborative and innovative projects
  • To strengthen human capital and skills Management
  • To provide market analysis to help strategic decisions
  • To promote the regional aerospace industry