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13.11.17 Company Mission to Seattle in occasion of PNAA's 17th Annual Aerospace Conference

Join Niedersachsen Aviation for a European company mission to the world's largest aerospac

13.11.17 First Brazilian Aerospace Business Summit in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) will


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ASTech Paris Region

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 220 with more than 50% SME
Number of employees 230,000 including aeronautics support services
Number of research institutes 39
Other cluster members 6

Cluster Management

Organizational form Association LOI 1901
Financing 26% French National State; 29% Local and Regional authorities; 28% Membership fees; 17% Private contracts

Main Actors

Main industry actors Astrium ST, Dassault Aviation, Safran, Goodrich, Thales
Main research institutes ONERA, CEA, CNES, CNRS

Cluster Competences and Strategy

Strengths & Competences

ASTech Paris Region is a competitiveness cluster dedicated to aeronautics and space. Strongly represented in 4 major markets (Space launchers, Business aviation, Propulsion and Aerospace Equipment), ASTech Paris Region concentrates 43% of the French aerospace research budget gathering about 28,000 researchers on its territory.
Covering 7 technical committees, ASTech's technological objectives are aimed at designing aircraft which are increasingly better integrated in the environment. This basically means making them lighter, reducing fuel consumption as well as the noise emission and all harmful effects: carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, etc.
Technically speaking, these objectives translate into more electrically-powered equipment, more composite materials structures and “green” motors, all of which with greater reliability and at a lower cost.

Science & Research

Since its creation 3 years ago, ASTech Paris Region has initiated 28 collaborative R&D projects for a total budget of 144M€ of which 65M€ are public funding. All these projects related to the aerospace sector are supported by our technical committees:

  • On-Board energy
  • Materials and Processes
  • Propulsion
  • Vehicle architecture and equipment
  • Aeronautics servicing
  • Tests and measurements facilities
  • Employment, Training & Research

International Collaboration

ASTech Paris Region has signed formal cooperation agreements with 4 international clusters : Skywin (Wallonia), Aviation Valley (Poland), Campaniaerospace (Italy), and CECOMPI (Brasil).
We are now in contact with three other clusters in the frame of a European program (INNET) in order to stimulate collaborative R&D projects between European SME.

Main Challenges

The main objective of ASTech Paris Region is to maintain (and raise) the aerospace employment in the Paris Region Area. Moreover, ASTech wishes to create a strong network between SME and major industrials in order to stimulate innovative projects and finally strengthen the competitiveness of its region. This last objective will be reached by working on several aspects:

  • Research and Development
  • Structuring projects
  • Territorial attractiveness
  • Support to SME
  • Skills management
  • Sustainable development
  • International development