13.11.17 Company Mission to Seattle in occasion of PNAA's 17th Annual Aerospace Conference

Join Niedersachsen Aviation for a European company mission to the world's largest aerospac

13.11.17 First Brazilian Aerospace Business Summit in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) will


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Arturo de Vicente, Director of Hélice Cluster
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Simón Vázquez
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Cluster Description

Fundación Hélice

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 123 (32 large companies, 91 SME)
Number of employees 12,000
Number of research institutes 14

Cluster Management

Organizational form Private foundation, non profit by definition
Financing Supply Chain Management: The foundation provides special electronic tools to the aerospace supply chain business processes.

Main Actors

Main industry actors OEMs: Airbus Military; Airbus Operations; Main Suppliers: Alestis; Aernnova; Aciturri; Airgrup; Elimco; Sevilla Control; FAASA
Main research institutes FADA-CATEC; AICIA; IAT

Cluster Competences and Strategy

Strengths & Competences

Fundación Hélice holds the Andalusian aerospace cluster representation, looks into the cluster structure, identifies its lacks and needs and acts as a lobby to articulate the means to strengthen the cluster. The Andalusian Aerospace cluster has got core competences on Military Transport Aircraft Final Assemblies and Delivery and After Sales Services including pilots training centre using state of the art simulation cockpits.

The aerospace supply chain is compounded of more than 120 companies whose competences range from Structural Assemblies, composite structural parts, complex machining and sheet metal manufacturing, electric systems, tooling design and manufacturing, tests and analysis and logistics services.

The Foundation promotes join initiatives to improve cluster competitiveness, including SMEs joint ventures, technology transfer projects and the creation of an electronic extended enterprise network to synchronise the Aeronautic Supply Chain.

Science & Research

CATEC is the Centre for advanced aerospace technologies with core competences to design, develop and coordinate research activities in the aeronautic field, with special interest in conveying the Academia results to the Industry. Its expertise is on: Materials and processes, Automation and robotics, Avionics and on board systems, Simulation and software, and Flight testing based on UAV platforms. 40 Academy Research Groups of the School of Engineers are also involved in research activities related to the aerospace operations.

International Collaboration

Both CATEC and the Fundación Hélice participate in collaboration with international and Spanish entities carrying out R&D activities related with the demonstration and dissemination phases of the project results on the Andalusian aerospace cluster. Fundación Hélice represents the SMEs' view on the E3AG (Electronic Extended Enterprise Advisory Group) of the Aerostand group in the ASD Operations Commission. It also participates as member in the BoostAero Association of Gifas to promote the creation of an Aerospace European Supply Chain Electronic Platform.

Main Challenges

  • To transform the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster into a knowledge-based cluster
  • To excel in Military Transport Programme Management
  • To develop a strong tier-one partner to strengthen the Andalusian Aerospace Supply Chain