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PEMAS - Portugese Aerospace Industry Association

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 68 companies
Number of employees 18,500
Number of research institutes 4

Cluster Management

Organizational form Non-profit Association
Financing Member fees
  Project Funding

Main Actors

Main industry actors TAP Manutenção – Line & Overall Maintenance, OGMA – Maintenance & Complete aerostructures and subsystems manufacturing, EMBRAER Europe – Aerostructures, EADS – Subsystems manufacturing
Main research institutes INEGI – Industrial Management and Engineering National Institute, PIEP – Polymer Engineering Research Institute, IST, UBI/DCA – UBI Aerospace Sciences Department

Cluster Competences and Strategy

Strengths & Competences

PEMAS association is broad and multidisciplinary network of Portuguese companies and R&D centres focused on the aerospace industry.
The specific objectives of the group are:

Integrate national and international aerospace industry supply chains.
Promote, manage and develop aerospace programmes as a non-commercial entity.
Actively contribute to the definition of public policies for the aerospace industry and its involved markets
PEMAs open network aims at integrating challenging cutting edge technological projects, foster competiveness and create added value for the industry.
PEMAS is a private non-profit organization formalized in February 2006.

PEMAS participation in both national and international projects is based upon a close cooperation with the aerospace supply chain systems integration companies.
The members combined turnover exceeds 1.100M€ and represents over 13,500 direct highly specialized jobs working on different areas of expertise in the academic, research and industrial fields.

PEMAS acts as a focal point of the interests concerning the aerospace market. As an association, with the adoption of a broad scope approach and active definition on national policies, aerospace interests and cooperation platforms definition gathering interests of all involved actors: Government; Industry; Academia, other associations.

Recently PEMAS, together with the National Defence Industry Association – DANOTEC and the Portuguese Space Industry Association, created AED Portugal (http://www.aedportugal.pt/ ) as consolidated organization to encompass lead all of the activities related with the AERONAUTICS, SPACE and DEFENCE industry and markets. The consolidated approach and effort congregation allows for a better representations of these very cooperative clusters. The consolidated numbers are: 68 entities, 87% of exported value, 1.72MM€ of turnover and over 18500 direct jobs.


Science & Research

PEMAS promotes the creation of collaboration platforms amongst our members and other entities, namely, in the formation of consortia for international projects. Acting as a R&D promoter and focal point, PEMAS serves as catalyst for the alignment of companies and R&D centres in functional consortia.
Some examples are: http://www.pema.pt/all-projects/

International Collaboration

PEMAS acts as pivotal entity that uses its networks to promote contact amongst its members and the homologue companies with the intent of fomenting the development of synergies and cooperation. This type of approach has proven its value along the past years.

Main Challenges

  • Grow as a representative of Portuguese AeroIndustry and promote its development
  • Promote the development of Portuguese companies’ expertise in aeronautics and place in the market
  • Participate actively in the definition of public policies on and to the sector