Working Group "Strategy"


05.10.17 CATEC develops a pioneering aerial contact technology by using drones

A drone designed by the Center for Advanced Aerospace technologies (CATEC) performs very a

07.09.17 AERTEC - International Airport Congress

AERTEC Solutions is organizing an International Airport Congress in Malaga which will brin


Lead: José Juez Langara, Hegan - Basque Aerospace Cluster (Spain)

Co-Lead: Sérgio Da Cunha Oliveira, PEMAS (Portugal)

Mission Statement

To support clusters to achieve a better performance and a sustainable strategic orientation by collecting the best information about:

  • needs of the market
  • regional funding programmes
  • future people

To foster the development of tools and methods to gather such information and to make this information available to EACP members. This information shall lead to the ability to take the right future decisions on market, R&D, and people.

This will enhance the competitiveness and sustainablility of the European aerospace industry and will increase the awareness and influence of EACP in the European scenario and become a trust platform.

Potential Fields of Joint Activies

Short term:

  • Establish a permanent relationship with ASD

Mid Term:

  • Take advantage of the project generated from EACP and their expected results

Long Term:

  • Cooperation for Competitiveness: foster inter-EACP collaboration in order to generate sustainable, competitive and excellent European Value Chains
  • Market needs: surveillance on market, clients, programmes, and technologies
  • Funding: be an influence in the designing of future aid programmes
  • People: face challenges and provide adequately trained, sufficient, and competent personnel


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