13.11.17 Company Mission to Seattle in occasion of PNAA's 17th Annual Aerospace Conference

Join Niedersachsen Aviation for a European company mission to the world's largest aerospac

13.11.17 First Brazilian Aerospace Business Summit in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) will


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LR BW - Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 60 with 80% SME
Number of employees 15,000
Number of research institutes 10
Other cluster members 4

Cluster Management

Organizational form Registered association
Financing LR BW is financed by member fees and external services like studies or analysis in the area of aerospace.

Main Actors

Main industry actors Diehl Aerospace, Defence, Aircabin, Thales Alenia Space
  Astrium, Tesat-Spacecom
  ASG Luftfahrttechnik und Sensorik GmbH, Witzenmann GmbH, Autoflug, Mahle Behr Industry GmbH & Co. KG, Bertrand Technikum GmbH, Funkwerk Avionics GmbH, WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation GmbH, Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co., Rockwell Collins Deutschland GmbH, Sagem Navigation GmbH, Litef GmbH, LEWICKI microelectronic GmbH, Göbler-Hirth-Motoren, allsafe JUNGFALK GmbH & Co. KG, AXON'KABEL GmbH
Main research institutes DLR German Aerospace Center
  University of Stuttgart with its aerospace faculty and twelve institutes
  Fraunhofer Institute
  Space Transfer Center – Steinbeis Foundation
  Institute of Textile and Technology Denkendorf

Cluster Competences and Strategy

Strengths & Competences

Many fields of technology and innovation are affected through the aviation and aerospace industry. The supply industry benefits from perceptions of other sectors, e.g. knowledge from the automotive or tool manufacturing industry is used for the development of airplanes. These industries have got a great amount of the activities in Baden-Württemberg and therefore an integral part in the activities of the Forum LR BW.

Especially in Baden-Württemberg, SME are important actors for the economy, because they possess a high-level of competence that ensures the competitiveness. Their potentials and innovations have to be used more in the future for the aviation and aerospace industry. Most of the members doing their business in the supply industry. Their products vary from equipment, cable, sensors, electronics, and components to engines.

A huge topic is technology and knowledge transfer in the Steinbeis Transfer Centre and the Technology Transfer Centre

A small but important part of the members are constructing satellites, airplanes or airships. For Examples Astrium, AIRBUS or Zeppelin.

Science & Research

The research institutes like the University of Stuttgart or the Institute of Textile and –Technology are working the fields of geodesy, textile in the aerospace sector, thermodynamics or flight mechanics.

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International Collaboration

The Forum LR BW wants collaborations in the following fields:

  • Exchange of experiences and information
  • Company cooperation in research and development
  • Organization of exhibition presence
  • Discussions about the aerospace industry

Main Challenges

One of the great challenges is the lack of qualified employees. The LR BW informs its members with congresses and built up the German Aerospace Academy ( to strengthen the level of education.

Furthermore the LR BW actively activates the interest of children and teenager for aerospace, e.g. the German Aerospace Center with its School Lab.
Another great challenge is innovation and the constant improvement of out products and services. We have to research in the field of aerospace and develop excellent products to strengthen our value added chain.