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Michael Hoffmann
Hermann-Köhl-Str. 7
28199 Bremen

Ph   +49 (0)421 9601 290
Fax  +49 (0)421 9601 291



Aviabelt Bremen

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 42
Number of employees approx. 20,000
Number of research institutes 5
Other cluster members 2

Cluster Management

Organizational form registered association
Financing membership fees

Main Actors

Main industry actors
  • Airbus Deutschland GmbH
  • Voith Engineering Services
  • Deutsche Flugsicherung DFS
  • E.I.S. Electronics GmbH
  • RÜCKER Aerospace GmbH
  • FTI Engineering Network GmbH
  • FuE-Future Engineering GmbH
  • ThyssenKrupp Industrieservice GmbH
  • Main research institutes
  • Offis e.V.
  • IWT Bremen
  • FhG IFAM
  • BIAS
  • Fibre
  • F&E Technologiebroker Bremen GmbH

    Cluster Competences and Strategy

    Strengths & Competences

    Aviabelt Bremen e.V. is the leading representation of interests for aircraft companies and institutes in the northwest of Germany. Its network consists of a broad range of companies, working in the filed of manufacturing, engineering, research end development as well as in the field of education and training.
    Short and close links to big players like Airbus and Rheinmetall as well as an excellent link o the Bremen government are used to promote technical and political issues.

    Science & Research

    Most companies and institutes of Aviabelt Bremen are currently working together in several R&D projects. Typical fields are:

    • new/enhanced metallic and hybrid structures
    • new/enhanced composite structures
    • new/enhanced composite materials
    • composite joining technologies (bonding, riveting, etc.)
    • new welding technologies
    • new IT technologies

    networked system testing

    International Collaboration

    The main strategic Aviabelt partner today is the HANSE AEROSPACE in Hamburg, Germany. In addition, each Aviabelt member has its own international partners.

    Main Challenges

    The  main challenges for the future are:

    • to acquire qualified employees
    • to promote further education of technical and engineering staff
    • to safeguard employment in the northwest region of Germany
    • to promote innovation transfer from R&D units to OEMs
    • to fit to the new/changing conditions in international aircraft markets