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EACP ABROAD - collaboration with International Clusters

By: Carl-Friedrich Flothmann

September 14, 2017. An important step forward has been taken on the Europe – International Aerospace interclustering activities.

Just after the EACP General Assembly and during the Niedersachsen Aviation Day held in Hildesheim, Germany, three important  Memorandum of Understanding have been signed between some of the EACP-ABROAD consortium members and our international cluster partners.

- The first one with Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA), represented by
Jim Sheehan, Board Member of the cluster.

- The second one has been signed with Aéro Montreal, represented by Suzanne M. Benoit, President of the cluster.

- The third one has been signed with The Associaçao Tecnologico Sao José dos Campos (APTSJC/Brazilian Aerospace Cluster) represented by Thalita Cancas, in charge of International Relations in the cluster.

These MoUs pave the way for sustainable collaborations between European and International Aerospace clusters, bringing synergies between clusters and their members. The long-term ambition is a world-wide Aerospace stakeholder cluster network, allowing to better connect actors and activities from industry and research organizations and across continents.

Moreover, these signatures formalize the strong cooperation engaged through the EACP-ABROAD project and will permit to support the best way possible SMEs towards International projects and markets.

Three additional signatures are yet to come before the end of the year: with target clusters in Mexico, Japan and the United Arabic Emirates.