EACP Birthday - celebrating 8 years of connecting aerospace clusters


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EACP Birthday - celebrating 8 years of connecting aerospace clusters

By: Carl-Friedrich Flothmann

The EACP network is celebrating its 8th birthday these days. Although it is not such a milestone as a birthday making a decade, there are numerous reasons which allow to celebrate. 'Connecting aerospace clusters' – the EACP now calls 41 members from 15 countries  its own as valuable members - a considerable network of expertise! Together, the network looks back on moving and exciting years, with the help of unified forces, many EU projects were implemented, fast B2B matches were actioned and above all successful bilateral meetings were realized. The network itself lives by its members – it is thanks to them as THEY are the network - and their innovative power, so we are all the more pleased to welcome the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) as our newest member.

About WEAF:
WEAF represents the aerospace and defense industry in the South West of England, United Kingdom. WEAF strives to grow the sector and act as an enabler of excellence regionally, nationally and on the global stage.

For further information please visit the WEAF website under the following link: