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11.04.2017 10:00 Age: 244 days

AIX in Hamburg and Aéromart Montréal

By: Carl-Friedrich Flothmann

EACP members were globally active as the Aéromart Montréal and Aircraft interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, two major events of the aviation industry, took place the past week

This past week was bustling for the EACP as both Hamburg and Montréal, two leading aviation locations in the world, hosted major events of the aviation industry.

The EACP managed to be represented at both venues, thanks to its size, which has substantially grown in the recent past, various important representatives of the network scattered and were represented the EACP at each event.

Many EACP members were in Montréal to render the European aviation industry visible on a global scale. Aerospace Valley, Aerospace Cluster Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, Skywin Wallonie and Safe attended the meaningful event to only name a few. Whilst Hamburg was excited to also host numerous EACP members such as Hamburg Aviation, Niedersachsen Aviation, BavAIRia, Moravian Aerospace Cluster, Aerospace Wales, Midlands Aerospace Alliance, Aviabelt Bremen, Aeriades, FLAG and NAG.

Meanwhile, Hamburg hosted the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), the world’s leading trade fair for trends in aircraft. The event in the Hanseatic City attracted aviation representatives from all over the world for the 16th time. The AIX is the go-to event of the industry revealing trends that the passengers will soon be experiencing on board of aircraft. As always,  EACP took advantage of having so many members at one location. So the cluster managers met several times to work on current topics and to further the ongoing processes. For example they prepared the first meeting of global aerospace cluster managers that is going to take place on the Friday of the Paris Airshow. This first summit should initiate a discussion about an optional global network. Therefore all aerospace cluster managers are invited and EACP is very happy that several have already confirmed their participation.