The Andalusian aerospace industry, close to 14,000 employees


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The Andalusian aerospace industry, close to 14,000 employees

By: Lavanya Sreeranganathan

The “Aerospace Annual Report 2015’, carried out by HÉLICE Cluster, points out that the sector grew again last year, with an increase of 8.3 % in employment, to reach 13,740 professionals, and a total of € 2,343 million in sales (+4,5%).

Therefore, the Andalusian aerospace sector grew 4.5% in turnover, while the rest of Spain grew only 2.63%. The auxiliary industry grew more than 13% in sales and about 10% in employment. The high qualification profiles also grew due to the major programmes production and continue the A400M ramp-up effect, which represents 26% of the total sales of the sector. Sales by engineering and quality services already represent a quarter of the total, equipment and systems (6% of the total) are the higher-value-added activities. In the last decade the Andalusian sector has tripled its turnover, from €848 million in 2006 to over 2,343 in 2015, and has doubled the number of jobs (from 6,206 professionals in 2006 to nearly 13,740 in 2015).

Seville, September 28th 2016-. The Andalusian Aerospace industry had a turnover of €2,343 million in 2015 and created 1,052 new jobs, according to the “Aerospace Annual Report 2015’, carried out by HÉLICE Cluster. The President of Andalusia attended the presentation of this report, which has positioned aerospace as a strong and consolidated industry that generates wealth and employment within the region.

A sector that keeps on growing despite the adverse economic situation in these years, and it reinforces Andalusia as the second main region nationally and as one of the three leading European aerospace hubs together with Toulouse and Hamburg. Andalusian aerospace sales represent 24.3% of total sales in the sector in Spain and 32.5% of employment.

According to the Andalusian aerospace data, the industry contributes 1.62% to the Andalusian GDP. Specifically, the Andalusian aerospace cluster increased its sales by 4.5% in 2015 and 8.3% in employment. In the last decade the Andalusian sector has tripled its turnover, from €848 million in 2006 to over 2,343 in 2015, and has doubled the number of jobs (from 6,206 professionals in 2006 to nearly 13,740 in 2015).

The industry expects this positive trend will continue in the coming years thanks to the increase of production rates, mainly due to A400M and A350, both programmes with a very important participation of the Andalusian companies, which are increasing their productivity and capacity to be involved in international programmes and large work packages.

The auxiliary industry grows in sales and employment

The “Aerospace Annual Report 2015’ reveals that the Andalusian aerospace industry reached €2,350 million and counts on 13,740 workers. This industry grew + 4.5 % in sales (more than €100 million) and +8.3 % in employment (1,052 jobs). In addition, last year continued to increase high-skilled jobs (managers, engineers and graduates) now totaling almost 35% of jobs in the sector. This area, together with qualified operators, represents 90% of the Andalusian sector. According to the report, the growth in skilled profiles is motivated by the entry into production of large programmes.

Regarding the overall industry sales, Airbus products increased by 1.17 % compared to the previous year and Airbus DS are increased by 3.38%. The A400M represents 26% of total industry sales and 19% of supply chain sales (Tier 1 and auxiliary industry); the A350 represents 7% and 13%, respectively.

The employment grew mainly in the auxiliary industry, with +9.81% (979 direct jobs). Also in sales, the auxiliary industry grows more than OEMs and almost reaches €1,000 million (€970). Also, in a highly specialized supply chain on Aerostructures (63%), they increase very significantly sales in engineering and quality (which already account for a quarter of the total) and become relevant equipment and systems (6% of the total). Regarding the turnover per employee (ratio related to productivity), it increases in the auxiliary industry up to €93,000/employee.

About Hélice, Andalusian Aerospace Cluster

The Andalusian Aerospace Hélice Cluster is a business aerospace group established in 2004 with the aim of promoting the development of the aerospace sector in Andalusia and the growth of its member companies; in the same way it acts as a catalytic to foster R&D within the Andalusian aerospace cluster. Hélice is committed to boosting knowledge, participation and collaboration in the national and international sphere among the enterprises and entities of the Cluster (OEMs, top level suppliers, service enterprises, technology centres, Academia, Administration, business organizations and trade unions). Likewise, it helps to Transfer results of research and technologies related to the industry. It is also in charge of organizing training activities, technical seminars and conferences to qualify the aeronautical professionals with scientific-technical skills. Its commitment involves activities to support the internationalization of aerospace enterprises and players.

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